BYOEmbroidery Workshop | Home Ec

BYOEmbroidery Workshop | Home Ec


Thursday, April 18

6:30-8:30 PM

Be your very own Laverne Defazio* in this workshop by customizing a favorite piece of clothes with a little embroidery TLC.

Bring in a t-shirt, jean jacket, your very favorite do-rag or whatever the heck you want to embellish with colorful embroidery floss. We’ll go over basic embroidery techniques and stitches, brainstorm design ideas and then dive into your vision.

Skill Level: Easy
Supplies: Embroidery floss, needles and chalk will be provided — you just bring the garment that you’d like to jazz up.

*Understanding the Laverne Defazio reference does not dictate your success or failure in the workshop

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